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Why Let Us Help?

Listed here are the areas we will be able to service if you decide to let us help you with your property.

High Certainty

We will be able to give a higher certainty of a completed transaction because we have a pool of cash ready buyers and investors waiting to buy properties.

It is unlikely that one does not follow through with the transaction, but if this happens, we have other buyers ready.

Professional Process

How we are able to speed up the process is because we have our own specialised team to do the due-diligence of every property that comes to us. We will be able to analyse and come back with an offer fast.

Moreover, we have our own professional panel of lawyers that work with us daily, so we are very familiar with each step and areas we can expedite.

Any Property Conditions

Save your Time, Money and the Hassle on getting your property repaired and looking good just to get the interest of a buyer. We will buy your property as it is. 

We will take into consideration on the work that needs to be done to the property. You just sit back relax and wait for the transaction to be completed.

Fast Offer and Quick Completion

Once you get in touch with us, we will get back to you with an offer as fast as 24 hours. 

Once an offer is accepted we will be able to start the process.

A freehold property usually takes 1-3 months, a leasehold property is about 6months and above.

Depending on other factors the timeline may be different, but we will speed up every step possible to get the completion done.

No Hidden or Agent Fees

We do not charge any agent commission fees because we are not property agents. We do not charge any fees to complete the transaction or to get an offer from us. By getting in touch with us with your property situation, there is no obligation that you must except an offer.


Going through a difficult time is hard enough. Why let your neighbours know that your property is for sale with a big sign saying "FOR SALE". 

Every step of the process is kept strictly private and confidential, only transparent to you and the parties that is helping to complete the transaction. 

Direct Buyers and Investors

Rather than waiting for a buyer to show interest in your property. Reach out to us,  a pool of buyers and investors waiting to increase their own property portfolio. With a direct communication, we will be able to get you through this fast and hassle-free.

No Multiple Viewings

Imagine buyers coming every day, week and months to look at your property. Just to have 1 buyer that shows interest and when the transaction is about to go through he pulls our or there is a loan rejection. Then you have to start all over again with buyers coming in and out of ur property daily.

We typically only take 1 viewing of the property, and this is after we have agreed on an offer. So no multiple viewing and a high certainty that the transaction will be completed soon.

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