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About Us

We are a collection of cash and finance ready property buyers/investors based in Malaysia. Our goal is to help property owner's sell of their property by buying them directly and adding them to our own personal property portfolio. 


Dealing with us will result in a higher certainty in a completed transaction, this is because we are either cash or finance ready buyers. With a specialised team we are able to do our due-diligence and analyse each property, resulting with an offer faster than the open market. 

By having our own panel of lawyers we are able to monitor the transaction process closely. The process can be sped up because there is no middle man "property agents". Our operations are in utmost discretion, with all of your information kept strictly confidential.


When there is a situation that you need to sell your property fast, the typical solution is "Property Agent", right? But when the situation permits speed and high certainty, property agents are not the best solution.


Imagine a pool of direct ready buyers/investors, waiting to buy your property with "No Agent Commission fees", "No Transaction Fees", "High Certainty", "Professional Process", "Confidential" and most important "HASSLE-FREE". With so much going on with your life, the process of selling your property is the last thing that you want bothering you. 


No matter what obstacles stand in the way of you selling your property, we are here to help. Contact us with the button below "Get An Offer" to talk about your situation and get an offer with no obligation. We will get back to you as fast as 24-hours.

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